The Master Negotiator

June 15, 2016By AuroraInsights No Comments

  Toddlers and Their Magical Powers.  It happens to all mamas, even the best of them…that moment when your toddler outsmarts you or changes your mind unexpectedly. Well it happens to me. So I want to share one of my favorite moments with my son to brighten your day and bond us together as the … Read More

Supremely Bizarre Lifehacks

June 13, 2016By AuroraInsights No Comments

  My Favorite Yet Embarrassing Life-Hacks.  Life-hacks are super trendy right now, because lets face it, we are busy and anything that helps us get back to fun quicker is always a win! Through the last few years of motherhood I have found a few bizarre and yet helpful life-hacks that I want to share.  … Read More

The Comfortless Comforts

June 10, 2016By AuroraInsights 1 Comment

  Seven Ways to Help Someone Struggling.   The age old words of comfort just don’t cut it. Take it from me, I watched my mom die of cancer … slowly and painfully. I have a friend who survived brain cancer, one who lost her job and struggles to keep food on the table for … Read More

Mama Wars

June 8, 2016By AuroraInsights 1 Comment

  End Mama Segregation and Unify Kindness. I’m so saddened listening to mamas attacking mamas! It is like a great big Mama War. It’s wildly inappropriate. I hear them fighting about breast feeding vs formula, hold the baby always vs the Ferber Method, processed food vs organic, home birth vs hospital, epidural vs natural, miscarriage … Read More

Mama Stress Fix

June 6, 2016By AuroraInsights 1 Comment

Seven Ways to Thrive Through Stress Stress sucks, and it is everywhere. Work, kids, school, dinner, traffic, bills, pets, sickness, aging, fear, mowing, garbage, cleaning, laundry, activities, sports, taxes…the list goes on and on. So to me, it isn’t how do we get rid of stress, because no matter who you are a piece of it will always … Read More