Mama's Knight: A Cancer Story of Love

I am so excited to announce that Mama's Knight: A Cancer Story of Love officially publishes today! This amazing idea came to me in the middle of January 2016, about eight short months ago. I decided to take it upon myself to write and illustrate a children's book for moms with cancer to help explain what it means in a personalized way for each family. The book has places for photos and stories, and mom's treatment plan. It give ideas for how to talk about your feelings, make up stories and find activities to do together. 

I set out with some of my mom friends to create all the activities that are listed in the book and many more, that are all available on! Beautiful illustrations from Matt Kaufenberg to color. A fun game to play by illustrator Jen Rich to help start the conversation about feelings (coming soon!). Dream Catcher tutorial and painted banners with photographer Stacy Kron. The list goes on and on! I am so proud of all the activities on the site! They are beautiful and helpful, and my son and I had so much fun doing them. And my friends who helped out did too! Whether you're feeling great or exhausted, there are ideas for you to play with your kids right in the book. 

Mama's Knight is a 40 page book that is like a life-line for mom to talk to her children and stay connected with them during her fight against cancer. I couldn't be more proud of this book and the hard work it took to bring it to life. And I can never say enough nice things about my editor Amy Quale at Wise Ink Publishing for helping me bring this book to life in such a short timeline.

She asked me once why I wanted it out so fast, and I remember crying and telling her, "the faster I get it out in the world, the more moms it can help."

I truly believe in the power of this book, and so do the moms that have already fallen in love with it, the pediatrician, the family therapist and the oncologist that have all endorsed the book. It is humbling and glorious to finally say the book is ready. You can order a copy for yourself or someone you love here!

We raised money on Kickstarter so we could donate 250 books to moms in need through MN Oncology and the Angel Foundation. Here's to spreading love and hope! And if you're wondering what's next for me, I'll tell you a secret . . . next year I will be working on the daddy version! 

Check out Mama's Knight and buy a copy today for yourself or to gift!

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