I went to college . . . for this?  

No seriously. I have a degree in Graphic Design and a certificate in Web Design, then I went to more school for Brand Design, and I am a trained Birth Doula, and yet here I find myself wearing an apron in the kitchen of my home as a short-order cook to my toddler. He doesn't want to eat the homemade, from scratch, chicken potpie that I spent the last hour making (that trust me, is to-die-for delicious) . . . no, he wants a cheese quesadilla with salsa.

He often snubs my amazing grilled fajitas for instead . . . you guessed it, the stubborn demands for a quesadilla.  

Once he even pitched a holy-fit because I dared to make homemade pizza instead of quesadillas. Who in the world would turn down pizza!?!

Morning, noon and night the boy would eat a cheese quesadilla with a cup of salsa if I let him. It is currently his favorite food of choice. And he seems to think two things: 1) that there is a restaurant menu at my house and 2) that quesadillas are always on it. 

He helps make all these elaborate homemade foods that I love, and he always tries the obligatory two bites, however, sometimes he says it is "yucky" and then starts demanding a quesadilla. It is actually pretty funny. Like he spent the time in the kitchen with me making the food that he refuses to eat. Gotta love the irrational choices of toddlers. One day he even told me he hated Mac and Cheese! 

First of all, no one hates Mac and Cheese. And secondly, he loves the stuff . . . but, alas, he wanted a quesadilla. No surprise here. I just smile and enjoy the fact that this little food-tyrant is all mine and I love him even when he's a demanding customer in my built-in-kitchen-diner. 

So yep, I'm an over qualified, college educated, short-order cook to my very own Toddler King. And I wouldn't change a thing. 

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