Discrimination hurts everyone.  

There is so much discrimination in the world. We are constantly trying to rank each other as too who is best. Gay. Straight. Men. Women. Black. White. Brown. Fat. Thin. Old. Young. None of it makes us any better or worse than another, but for some strange reason humans fixate on weird things. We are all familiar with those types of hate. We determine if someone is a good employee or friend or significant other based on random things like this. Though there is one I have encountered personally and watched a few friends encounter recently that I think is equally absurd. 

People hate "pretty people". Now what is pretty? To each person it is different. So there is no true definition. But the common one I have heard is girls that wear trendy clothes and make-up. Sometimes I'm a "pretty girl" and I get all dolled up for fun, and sometimes I don't, but either way I'm just me.

I have two brilliant friends that happen to be by American standards, gorgeous. They are almost always "put together" and they own their own business! Which is so cool. One day I thought of this friend of mine that I thought would love my other friends' business, but the response I got was horrifying to me. She said, "I can't take those girls serious." 

I didn't understand, so I asked what she meant. 

To my astonishment she meant they were too pretty. She didn't think girls that wore makeup were smart or good role models. She thought they were beneath her for some reason. I was baffled. Two strong women that own their own company and do inspiring things, and yet this other woman couldn't see past the fact they liked a certain style clothing and wore makeup and were by definition, "pretty". 

And then I have witnessed my beautiful friends in yoga pants and flip flops, with a bun in their hair and no makeup be told they are sloppy and unprofessional and they aren't taken seriously either. So we can't win. No matter how we look, we are never good enough. 

So what is the real problem? All we do is judge. When really all we should do is love. Why are women always attacking women? Frankly because we have all been told we aren't good enough and that insecurity makes women lash out at each other. It is what we are taught. We even victim-blame other women. Well she deserved it. She shouldn't have been out at night. She shouldn't have worn that outfit. When really we should say "OMG I am so sorry. I will be by your side every step of the trail against that dirtbag and with you while you try to heal your heart and learn to trust the world again."

No one should be blamed for being raped. No one should be blamed for being abused. No one should be perceived stupid because they look one way or another. 

We are all different and perfect at the same time. Don't tear each other down, build each other up. We are women. We make babies, we are strong, we are smart, we are beautiful inside and out. It doesn't matter if your gay or straight. If your big or small. White or black. It only matters if you're kind, do your best and you do good things.

Let us teach the next generation all the things we wish we were, maybe, just maybe . . . they will get it right.  

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