All you keep is your memories.  

Life is full of judgment and insecurities that lead to this need to be perfect or at least be perceived as perfect. We strive to own giant houses, being thin, being pretty, being young, owning elite cars, pretty on-trend clothes, perfect kids, lovely christmas cards, handmade crafts, homemade food, fancy new sofas, perfectly groomed yards, the list is endless, or so it seems, but none of this comes with us when we die. 

I watched my own mother die far to young from a hideously ugly cancer that tried to steal her hope, happiness and pride. No amount of possessions could make her live longer, or happier. 

The happiest any of us can be, is when we are together. Friendship, support, laughter, love . . . that is what you get to take with you. Only your sweet memories. Every moment you get to spend with your family and friends, cherish them. Take every moment as if it were your last. We all have a clock ticking against us, none of us know when the last tock of the clock will tick, but if you appreciate life. If you are thankful. If you are happy. 

Then everything is worth it. 

I know what death looks like. I know what loss feels like. I know what it means to appreciate every moment, to love bigger than myself, to forgive when it is easier to hate. All these things I can tell you, but sadly until you feel death and loss, it is nearly impossible to appreciate life. 

So what I will say is take photos, and don't take photos, play and watch, live and learn. Be vulnerable, let people into your heart, because what you get back is even better. 


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