Embrace the mess.

Somehow we have lost track of what is important; family, friends, love and peace. We get caught up in this strange sense of perfection. The perfect mom, significant other, friend, daughter, sister, crafter, baker, house cleaner, etc. It is an endless list of perfection. It is hard to compete with the face I want to see in the mirror, verses the one that stares back at me with a zit on her chin and food in her teeth. How long has that been there!?!

We are held to a standard of a "perfect Pinterest life". Which is frankly impossible. As I always say there are some things I'm good at, and there are some I am not. 

I truly lack the ability to vacuum up the "snow drifts" my white dogs leave around the edges of my rooms on a consistent rate. I must be quite allergic to folding laundry. I mean like seriously, my sofa is just and extension of my closet . . . right? And I think I need an assistant to open all my junk mail for me and recycle it. 

There are three toilets in my house and my toddler likes to pee all over, all of them. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep up with toddler pee! One day he even squeezed his aimer as he was peeing . . . and yes pee sprayed all over the bathroom wall, because he just wanted to know what would happen. LOL. It was hysterical. He helped me clean it up, because we have a "if you make a mess, you clean it up" rule in my house, but the daily dribble . . . it may get missed. 

Every day I strive to get out of bed and wear pants, anything above that is awesome-sauce, but not required. I used to make myself full-on-crazy trying to accomplish everything on my to-do-list, everyday. Well that may be somewhat obtainable if I wasn't a single mom of one sweet little boy, two dogs and a cat. So I had to make peace with mess, with imperfection, with myself. 

I like to warn my friends when they come to my house that "we live here" so it's going to look live in. Not like a Restoration Hardware catalog. You may find some dog hair on the floor, a dribble of dried pee on the side of the toilet or a bra hanging on a door knob. Likely every toy in the house is in the middle of the floor so watch where you step, those little ones hurt like at mother! You just never know what you'll find.

Life is busy and awesome. 

My grandma had a plaque on her wall that read, Apology, although you'll find our house a mess, come in – sit down – converse. It doesn't always look like this: Some days it's even worse. I've always adored that sign. So be warned, if you visit me somedays it's even worse. 

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