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Adulting is hard. We all know it. We all have those days when we would rather just stay in bed and have our mom tuck us in and bring us some nice warm soup. We tough it out, at least most of the time. I’ve learned how to overcome these days, but I’ve also learned a whole lot by adulting and living far away from my own momma…

Moms Know Things About You Even When You Don’t Know Them Yourself
Moms have natural radars about their children. They know when something is wrong or off just by the way you raise your eyebrow or say the word “hello”. Moms feel not only their own feelings, but also the feelings of each of their children, as if they are their own. Moms know about things before you do...and they find it funny when in the future they tell you they knew it all along but thought it best for you to figure it out for yourself and learn a life lesson.

Moms Worry--A Lot (More Than They Show)
When you move away or go off to begin your own life, your mom will check in with you periodically. This may be daily, this may be every few days, every week, or every month, but they undoubtedly send you a quick text to check for vital signs, at the very least. Though she wants to check in with you and know that you are alright every second of every day, she won’t. She knows you are an adult and can handle it on your own...most days.

Moms Love Unconditionally
We are always told this, but you really begin to feel it when you are 2,000 miles away from your mom. Your mom’s love is a huge motivator. Those frequent check ins to make sure you are alive...yeah, that proves you mean the world to someone, and boy, that feels good.

Moms Are The World’s Best Listeners
Having a bad day? Call your momma. You are guaranteed to feel better after. Even if she doesn’t say a single word, telling someone who loves you unconditionally your problems makes a world of difference. Bonus: moms don’t judge you if you look like a drowned cat when you cry (they probably think it is cute)...just let it all out.

Moms Have Bad Days, Too
This relationship works both ways, after all. Sometimes it is your turn to listen, console, and support your mom. She has done it for you your entire life, you can return the favor. Her enemies are your enemies, just as was always true when she supported you growing up.

Moms Want You To Be Happy Above All Else, Including Her Own Happiness
Do you think your mom wants you to be living far away? No! She wants you to stay close always, but she encourages you to live your dreams anyway because she knows it will make you happy. Moms love to live vicariously through their children and want to see us go on great adventures, learn amazing things, and be beyond happy.

In conclusion...Moms are superheros, really. She supported you until you could support yourself, and continues to do so in her own special way even when you are far away. So if you have the luck to give your mom a hug, squeeze her extra tight, show your appreciation and don’t forget to say, “I Love You, Momma”.

Sarina Sandstrom is the vivacious blogger of The Perpetual Pioneer, from Portland, Oregon. Be sure to follow her adventures Forever Moving Forward.

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