The Introvert is Extroverting.

April 25, 2017By AuroraInsights No Comments

  Putting Yourself Out There.    It is so hard to put yourself out there. I’m an INFJ, what does that mean you may ask, that I’m a hardcore introvert. INFJ personality is considered an Advocate and makes up less than one percent of the world. We find idealism and morality at our core, we … Read More

Things I wish I Knew Before I Got Pregnant

March 15, 2017By AuroraInsights No Comments

  15 Pregnancy Secrets There are so many secrets kept about pregnancy, and yet so many unwanted comments. Everyone wants to tell the newly pregnant mom their horror story, or tell them how to do it. What is right and what is wrong. It is truly a land mind of craziness and feelings of inadequacy. … Read More

Glamorous Single-Mom Life

March 14, 2017By AuroraInsights No Comments

  Single Mom Life is not for the Weak Hearted It is so easy for all of us to see that picket fence and assume that the grass is greener on the other side. That the person’s life we follow on Instagram is so much more perfect than our own. We struggle with a sense of … Read More

Clever Little Witch

October 19, 2016By AuroraInsights No Comments

  Nature has a few things to tell us.   I’m ever a believer in nature, the earth provides for us, if we would just listen. Of course science is amazing and saves lives everyday, but that doesn’t mean that nature doesn’t still have something to teach us or heal us. So here are some of … Read More

I’m Sorry We Live Here

October 17, 2016By AuroraInsights 1 Comment

  Embrace the mess. Somehow we have lost track of what is important; family, friends, love and peace. We get caught up in this strange sense of perfection. The perfect mom, significant other, friend, daughter, sister, crafter, baker, house cleaner, etc. It is an endless list of perfection. It is hard to compete with the … Read More