Being Milked by a Stranger

April 20, 2016By auroraInsights 3 Comments

  No seriously this happened to me.   My son was born ten weeks premature, a perfect 2 lbs. 13oz. He had to spend forty-seven days in the NICU, this meant a lot of things, but one of them was he couldn’t breast feed. Instead he had a feeding tube where they would feed him my … Read More

Brain Cancer Can Suck It!

April 15, 2016By auroraInsights 2 Comments

  Super Woman ain’t got nothing on Tyson.  In order to understand where the Mama Village came from, you have for first understand a lot about my mom and secondly you have to meet my friend Tyson Cluever. We grew up running around the same small town in Minnesota causing trouble and being awesome. I … Read More

Are You Kidding Me

April 13, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  The time I locked myself in a bedroom So one day I was painting the new door on my son’s bedroom. It is somewhere around midnight. As I stroke the brush along the fine details of the beautiful five-panel door, the door clicks shut.  I say “Oh !@$C#%&^!” I put down the brush and … Read More

The Smallest Love is the Biggest

April 11, 2016By auroraInsights 1 Comment

  It is Truly All About the Little Things After nearly a year of legal fights; trying desperately to stay out of the court system, and endless amounts of anxiety I woke up one morning to hear the words “they signed” from my attorney and instead of going to my 9am court hearing, it could … Read More

The Unicorn of Pregnancies

April 6, 2016By auroraInsights 1 Comment

  Forty-seven days in the Children’s Hospital NICU.  When I got pregnant I thought I would be the unicorn of pregnancies. You see, I was full on delusional. I thought I was going to be the lucky girl in four-inch heels all the way until I gave birth. I was even hallucinating about not taking … Read More

Live a Healthy Life

April 4, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  Safer Products I’m a little neurotic when it comes to products that come in contact with my son. Which is ironic because I am a product of the 1980’s which means I ate some of the worst processed foods and came in contact with some atrocious chemicals in everyday products. It is unreal the … Read More

Five Ways to Cope with Grief

March 28, 2016By auroraInsights 1 Comment

  1,096 Days Alone It has been three years…1,096 days…since I have heard my mama’s voice or felt her hugs. I lost her to cancer after an ugly three year battle. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. The pain is as real as the day I lost her. She was a huge … Read More

The Target Tantrum

March 25, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  Baby Flames On a average day my son and I ventured to Target, something we do often enough. As we entered the store he saw the dreaded Dollar Area. You know the spot put right there just to make your trip to Target to get toilet paper more miserable. Well on this particular day … Read More