Being Milked by a Stranger

April 20, 2016By AuroraInsights 3 Comments

  No seriously this happened to me.   My son was born ten weeks premature, a perfect 2 lbs. 13oz. He had to spend forty-seven days in the NICU, this meant a lot of things, but one of them was he couldn’t breast feed. Instead he had a feeding tube where they would feed him my … Read More

Brain Cancer Can Suck It!

April 15, 2016By AuroraInsights 2 Comments

  Super Woman ain’t got nothing on Tyson.  In order to understand where the Mama Village came from, you have for first understand a lot about my mom and secondly you have to meet my friend Tyson Cluever. We grew up running around the same small town in Minnesota causing trouble and being awesome. I … Read More

Are You Kidding Me

April 13, 2016By AuroraInsights No Comments

  The time I locked myself in a bedroom So one day I was painting the new door on my son’s bedroom. It is somewhere around midnight. As I stroke the brush along the fine details of the beautiful five-panel door, the door clicks shut.  I say “Oh !@$C#%&^!” I put down the brush and … Read More

The Smallest Love is the Biggest

April 11, 2016By AuroraInsights 1 Comment

  It is Truly All About the Little Things After nearly a year of legal fights; trying desperately to stay out of the court system, and endless amounts of anxiety I woke up one morning to hear the words “they signed” from my attorney and instead of going to my 9am court hearing, it could … Read More