Fairy Gardening with Toddlers
Build a Fairy Garden
Fairy Gardening

Fairy Garden.

Children love imaginative play at any age, and so do mamas. This is a fun way to get outside and inside as you create this easy fairy garden. Great for kids 3 years old and older. Mama, this is a good activity when you're feeling a bit more energetic if your children are little, it involves a bit of a mess. 

Special Thank you to: Heidi Nelson, mom and photographer at Fossil Island Photography in Alexandria, MN for doing this activity with her daughter. 

Potting Soil
Fairy House

1 Go shopping and let your child help pick out the plants and supplies. 
2 Wander around your yard and look for rocks and sticks.
3 Put the potting soil in your pot. Let your child scoop and smooth the dirt. Making a mess is half the fun. 
4 Have your child decide where to put the flowers in the pot, and help them plant them.
5 Then let your child's imagination go as they create their garden. 
6 Have fun making a swing or gaxebo out of sticks and moss. 
7 Ask your child where the fairy might walk and sit in the garden. 
8 To continue the fun, leave traces that the fairy has visited!

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