Perler Iron

Perler Beads Project.

This project is great for school age children and mama's a like. It is a fun stationary project that only takes a little bit of energy from mama and child. Children love putting them into different shapes and playing with them after!

Special thank you to: Jessica, Wellness Mama of 2 sweet girls, Minneapolis, MN for doing this great activity with her daughter.  

Perler™ Beads or equivalent
Perler™ boards
Design idea
Iron Paper/parchment paper
Small paper cups (optional – but recommended)
Tweezers (optional)
Small spoon (optional)

1 Choose design you want to do
2 Pick appropriate board for the design
3 Choose the colors you want for your design (Some design books will tell you how many beads of each color you need)
4 Use the small spoon and spoon each color into a separate mini paper cup. This helps keeping the colors separate (If that’s how your beads are, some kits come mixed together – my OCD goes crazy!)
5 Start at the point in the design that makes the most sense/easiest to start with.
6 Sometimes this is at the bottom, or the side or top, all depends on the design. The bear in the picture my daughter and I started at the top, the donkey at the bottom, the circle the outside ring, you get the idea.
7 Place each bead on a peg and keep going until the design is complete
8 While doing your child is doing the beads, you can turn on your iron to heat up. My iron I had to have on a high setting, other videos and books I have read it varies on your iron. If you are new to this activity I suggest doing a couple of small circles or other designs that do not take a lot of time or beads to do trial runs. (I had trouble with the legs of the donkey and sheep
9 Carefully move the board to the space where you will be ironing.
10 Place the board on the table or other flat surface
11 Place a piece of ironing paper or parchment paper over the top of the beads. Make sure it’s enough to cover over all the beads and a border all the way around
12 Iron in circular motion for 20-30 seconds (or as needed based on your iron)

Tips: Always keep the iron moving. Do not push too hard – my first one was uneven because I pushed too hard on one side.

13 When the beads are pretty much all joined flip it over and removed the peg board.
14 Put another piece of iron paper on it and iron it for another round
15 Put something heavy like a huge text book on it. This will keep it from curling up
16 Let cool and enjoy!

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