Crafting with Stacy Kron
Hand Painted DIY garland
Stacy Kron's DIY paper garland
Water color painted garland craft with kids

Garland craft for kids

Punched Paper Garland.

This two step project is awesome, starting with watercolor painting, cutting paper and ending with a beautiful hung garland. A nice project for when mom doesn't have a lot of energy and great for children five years old and older, and even crafty moms. This is a simple and gorgeous activity. You could even go all out and do your child's entire ceiling with them. 

A special thank you to: Stacy Kron, mom and artist of Stacy Kron Creative, Alexandria, MN for doing this wonderful activity with her girls! 

2-3 sheets of paper (I recommend watercolor paper, but any thick paper will work.)
Watercolor paints
Paint brushes
Bowl for water
Paper puncher (I used a 1 1/4" puncher, found at any craft store)
String (several feet, depending on how long you want the garland to be.)
Hot glue or strong craft glue
Nails to hang garland

1 Set your kids up with a sheet of watercolor paper and let them loose with painting whatever they wish. Only one side of the paper needs to be painted. Let the paper fully dry.
2 Use the paper puncher to create the circle shapes. I found that it was much easier to step on the puncher than to use my arms. Stepping on the puncher is easy and fun for a kid to do.
3 When all of the paper is punched, you're ready to start glueing it to the string. We used hot glue, and I assisted to make sure my kids didn't burn themselves. (Another option is to sew the circles together with a sewing machine.)
4 Once you've filled the length of the string with paper punches, you're ready to hang!

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