Pirate Hat Craft
Pirate Hat Toddler Craft
Toddler Pirate Hat Craft

Swashbuckle Series: Pirate Hat

Last time we made the Pirate Telescope now we are continuing the fun Swashbuckle Series we begin the Pirate Hat! This fun craft builds on the excitement of a pirate life and is easy for an exhausted mom. Great for children three and up!

Construction Paper in two colors
Glue Gun
* Optional Glitter Glue
Scotch Tape
Access to a printer to print the Hat Template
Xacto Knife (for mom or older children)

1 Start by printing the Hat Template
Take the first color of construction paper and cut the hat to shape, making two identical pieces for front and back. I didn't have large enough construction paper, so we taped the pieces together with scotch tape. 
Next hot glue the left and right of the hat together.
Cut the skull from the template with the Xacto blade from the second color of construction paper and hot glue it to the center of the front of the hat.
Optional, use glitter glue and run a line of it as a detail on the upper edge of the hat.

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